Nawaab History

Now one of the city’s most beloved restaurants; Nawaab Manchester was previously an Art Deco Cinema and Bowling Alley

The name Nawaab has long been synonymous will excellent Indian cuisine. The Nawaab Restaurant Group was established more than 20 years ago in Bradford.

In 2002, the Nawaab Restaurant Group launched Nawaab Manchester which has gone on to become their flagship restaurant. Situated in one of Manchester’s most iconic buildings, south of the City Centre, Nawaab Manchester is easily accessible by public or private transport.

Before Nawaab moved in, the building had been used as an art deco cinema, giving the venue its unique and attractive appearance. Other uses for the building included a multi-lane bowling alley and food outlet. Nawaab Manchester has utilised the exceptional amount of space to create a signature restaurant with a fantastic capacity as well as two wedding and banqueting suites.

Keen to maintain a building that has long been such an iconic part of the city’s history, Nawaab restored the exterior to its previous majesty, making only subtle changes. The interior of the building however was completely altered to give it a chic and sophisticated appearance.

Nawaab Manchester is currently creating its own history as it becomes more and more of an important fixture of city, satisfying hundreds of guests and diners every night as well as hosting special events for its dedicated followers.