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Banqueting Suites

Royal Nawaab London is much, much more than an award winning restaurant in the heart of Perivale – London serving authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine – it also plays host to two beautiful banqueting suites that are perfectly positioned to host a wide range of celebrations and events.

The two banqueting suites – the Royal Suite and Imperial Suite – seating 500 and 250 people respectively, can host events of all shapes and sizes with sophisticated ease. The experienced logistics and serving team are dedicated to ensuring that the celebration is enjoyed by all, regardless of size.

One of the great benefits of booking your celebration with Royal Nawaab London is the excellent menu on offer. With decades’ of experience, the kitchen team are highly skilled in producing high quality, authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The menu can be shaped and customised to meet the specific needs of the party and its guests.

Set amongst beautiful surroundings, our team of skilled chefs and servers can ensure that your celebration is one to remember.

The large banqueting suites can also play host to a number of different fixtures and party features such as DJs and dance floors. This allows our guests great freedom when planning their celebration to maximise the experience.

There is almost no limit to the different types of events and celebrations that we can hold at Royal Nawaab London – the banqueting suites have played host to elegant and successful charity dinners and events, raising much-needed money for important causes.

Contact us now on 0208 998 6151 to discuss how Royal Nawaab London could help you realise the perfect event or celebration.