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Charity Dinner Venue

Nawaab Manchester is always delighted to be able to help our charities and community initiatives in any way possible, from hosting charity dinners to donating sums of money in aid and support. Charity dinners in particular are a roaring success at Nawaab Manchester due to the large capacity, elegant surroundings and crowd-pleasing menu.

With two banqueting suites able to cater for charity dinners, both small and large, Nawaab Manchester is an ideal place to begin the fundraising campaign, add incentive to an initiative or to celebrate great successes.

For the larger charity dinners, the Ottoman Suite is capable of seating up to 750 people, perfect for charity auctions and showcases. This great space can be used for entertainment additions such as DJ booths and dance floors should you choose to add extra excitement after the charity dinner.

The name Nawaab is naturally linked to high quality dining and service meaning that an invite is more likely to pique the interest of prospective diners and charitable contributors. This is incredibly important when planning a charity dinner with a donation drive as the more people who come through the doors and enjoy themselves, the higher the total donation amount.

The dining part of the charity dinner can be specifically customised to the needs and the wants of the organiser. By rendezvousing with Nawaab’s head chefs, a specific menu can be agreed upon to create the perfect meal, atmosphere and night.