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Leaving Parties

Whether you are wishing a respected colleague a happy retirement or saying goodbye to a travelling relative, a banquet and celebration at Nawaab Manchester makes the perfect swansong. The sophisticated interior creates the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated and memorable evening.

Nawaab’s team of logistics experts will help you customise the event so it is perfect for the individual or group that is departing. Our spacious Asian banqueting suites are ideal to decorate in the style befitting the leaving party and adorn with pictures, memories and keepsakes. The itinerary can be planned according to the tastes of the guests of honour with the possible inclusion of DJs, dance floors, photo booths and other fun instalments.

Arguably the main reason why Nawaab has such a devoted and passionate following is the high quality of the food. Our team of highly-trained and skilled chefs can ensure that the leaving party will not be an event that is readily forgotten. Tailoring the menu to the specific tastes and wants of the party can create a beautifully personal touch. The authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine is created with the finest and freshest ingredients.