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Ottoman Suite

Available for private hire, the Ottoman Suite is Nawaab Manchester’s largest banqueting and wedding venue. With a capacity of 750, large functions, parties and weddings can be held in this room ensuring that all those closest and most dear to you can attend.

Set amongst refined majesty, the Ottoman Suite is breath-taking and engaging without being over-aweing. Nawaab’s dedicated and hard-working team will ensure that the event remains intimate and personal regardless of the size. All needs and whims will be addressed to ensure that the wedding or banquet runs perfectly.

Download Ottoman Suite Layout


Nawaab Manchester can also lend its team of expert chefs to produce an exceptional banquet or wedding feast for the big day. With exceptional levels of skill, experience and ingenuity, the team of chefs can produce a feast that will not soon be forgotten by any of the guests. Taste and appearance are taken into account when the attractive dishes are produced.

As one of the largest wedding venues in the North West, Nawaab Manchester’s Ottoman Suite is a fantastic option for those about the celebrate their special day with their sizeable guest lists and extended families.