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Halal Restaurant Manchester

Royal Nawaab is the best halal restaurant in Manchester. All of our dishes are served with halal food and respect the dietary law.

Best Halal Restaurant in Manchester

One of our main and proudest principles that Nawaab Manchester operates is to abide by halal law. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure that none of the dishes that we provide are haram.

Every year we have many new and returning customers and we understand many of our customers have a halal diet so it is a highest priority to ensure all our foods meet with the requirements of the dietary law.

All of the food and drink served by Nawaab Manchester in the restaurant is strictly monitored to ensure that it is suitable for those observing a halal diet. All of our meat dishes contain halal meat, we do not serve pork and we serve no alcoholic beverages.

As the best halal restaurant in Manchester, Nawaab is delighted to provide a wide range of delicious halal dishes to everybody.

Traditional Halal Food

Our chefs tirelessly seek the finest and freshest ingredients that adhere to our strict and proud principles and then proceed to prepare all of the meal to respect the religious dietary regulation.

We provide many delicious traditional dishes and our halal food is prepared to a high standard.

This means that all of our customers who observe halal principals can rest easy and enjoy Nawaab’s wide range of dishes.

Observing halal does not mean that any of the dishes are compromised in terms of taste or health benefits, in fact, those who do not traditionally eat halal food will not be able to tell the difference.

If you have any queries please contact us and a member of staff will be able to answer any concerns.