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Indian Food

At Royal Nawaab Manchester Indian food is our speciality. We have been spicing curries and serving naan breads for years so we have to admit we are the experts of Indian cuisine.

Best Indian Restaurant in Manchester

We started our restaurant in Manchester over a decade ago and we serve thousands of customers every month. Our buffet selections and our occasion rooms are always in popular demand. Our customers come from all over the UK to enjoy our traditional Indian food.

What makes Royal Nawaab the best Indian Restaurant in Manchester is the relaxed and comfortable setting for our customers. The décor is styled to a high standard and we have used warm and royal decorations to make all our customers feel like they are treated to luxury when they eat with us.

We pride ourselves with having the best Indian food in Manchester. Of course with great power, comes great responsibility and we ensure all our new and loyal customers get the best service.

From our success in Manchester we have opened another restaurant in London so we can serve more of our delicious Indian food.

Traditional Indian Food

We include many different Indian foods on our menu. As we are an Indian buffet restaurant, you have the chance to try as many of our curries, starters and sweets you want. Here is just a taster of the popular Indian food we have on our menu.

Onion Pakora – Can be found throughout South Asia but Pakora has its origins in India. Also known as Pakodi, this is a fried fritter and usually eaten as a snack or starter. Onion is the popular variation of Pakora but the fritter can also be made with other ingredients like potato.

Chicken Tikka Masala – This is certainly the UK’s favourite. The origins of Chicken Tikka Masala is disputed as myths say the curry was originally made in the UK but without a doubt this curry was influenced by Indian food.

Lamb Palak – This Indian curry is a popular favourite. Lamb mixed with fresh spinach, garlic and chillies, our Palak showcases traditional Indian cuisine.

Chicken Biryani – Originated from the south of India, Biryani is a mixed rice dish with meat, vegetables and warming spices.

Madras – Bright red in colour and loaded with chilli powder, our Madras reflects the spice infused expectations of traditional Madras curry.