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Pakistani Food

As a restaurant that mainly specialises in Pakistani food, we cook many delicious and tenderly spiced curries. Royal Nawaab Manchester has been a popular Pakistani restaurant for many years.

Best Pakistani Restaurant in Manchester

Royal Nawaab prides itself in being the best Pakistani restaurant in Manchester. We can only say this because of our fantastic fan base and returning customers.

The differences between Indian and Pakistani food can be debated but we consider many of our foods Pakistani because of their origins and the traditional methods we use to prepare our dishes.

Our customers can try many of our different curries and foods from our buffet selection and taste the difference between the regional Asian cuisines.

From years of experience in the industry we can proudly saw we serve the best Pakistani food in Manchester. We treat all our customers, the loyal and the new, with an excellent standard of service.

Traditional Pakistani Food

All of our foods originate from traditional recipes and here is just a taster of the dishes we have available.

Balti Curry – Some people claim the Balti Curry was created in the UK but the method used to create the popular dish originates in Pakistan. The Balti is cooked and served in a small wok and is rich in many spices.

Chapli Kebab – A Chapli (or Chappal) is a patty made from a combination of meat, onions, tomatoes, spices and many other ingredients. This is a common dish in Pakistan and a popular meal at our restaurant.

Namkin Gosht – A meat based dish made from a simple recipe but its simplicity and tender meats make it a popular dish with our returning customers.

Butter Chicken – Made from a traditional recipe. Our succulent chicken is marinated in a mixture of spices and prepared in a butter sauce.